Hi. Here’s something about me, hence the title of this part of the website. My name is Junaid Chundrigar and I grew up in the Netherlands, where I still live today.
In 2011, I graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts with my graduation short film ‘Sheeped Away’. After working as a freelance animator for about nine months, a short of mine ‘Disassembled’, a parody of Marvel superheroes, went viral and drew the attention of Stan Lee. Together with a former classmate, we started an animation studio and took on our first big project; ‘Bad Days’, a webseries for Stan Lee, in which he also recorded his own cameos in almost every episode.

At the studio, I’ve worked with great joy on multiple webseries, commercials, music videos and also two original films, but after six years, it was time for me again to continue my work as a freelancer. I’ve gained a lot of experience in the past couple of years, not only in animation but also in writing, directing and managing a team to work on animated projects, both big and small. Besides commissioned work, I also try work on as much original work of my own as possible like short films, web series and random artwork. I also love to collaborate with other creative people, as you can see by this quote over here:

“Stop putting things I say as random quotes on your portfolio” – Kasper Werther

So! If the day may come when you think “Boy, I’d sure like to work together with that Juandi Chrndbligär guy!”, send me a message over at the contact page and I might even respond!

Some of my clients: